How much is a wedding cake?

It’s a bit like asking how much an engagement ring or a wedding dress costs. Prices can vary enormously and will depend on a combination of different factors.  The size of a wedding cake, the type of design, the quality of the finish and the ingredients and materials used in its creation will all play a part, but ultimately, the final cost will be determined by the complexity of the design and the time involved in executing every single element to perfection.

Each one of our exquisite wedding cakes is truly unique, created specifically for you for your special day. It takes a huge amount of skill, precision and meticulous attention to detail to produce one of our cakes and we take enormous pride in the exceptional quality of the finish. It can take days, or even weeks, to prepare some of the most intricate cake decorations, especially our life-like sugar flowers which are hand-made petal by petal. In short, the flour, butter, eggs and sugar are just a fraction of the cost of a wedding cake; the two most valuable ingredients are time and expertise.

The following is an approximate portion and price guide for simply decorated wedding cakes. Complex designs and sugar flowers, detailed embellishments and expensive decorating materials such as gold leaf will add to the cost, something that will be discussed in detail at your design consultation.

3-tier (95 servings) from £950 
4-tier ( 130 servings) from £1,500
5-tier (220 servings) from £2,700
6-tier + P.O.A


Please note that all of our cakes are finished with a layer or white or dark chocolate ganache and covered in a very thin layer of fondant. 

We do not make ‘naked’ or ‘semi-naked’ cakes.